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Technology Leaders Index


The Technology Leaders Index will showcase the best digital, technology and IT functions - and their CTO and CIO leaders - across public, private and non-profit organisations.​

The following questionnaire is designed to help organisations and CIOs share the innovation and technology initiatives IT departments are delivering that are transforming their organisations. Recognition in the Technology Leaders Index will show the impact technology teams and their CIOs are having on their businesses and sectors.​

Organisations, teams and leaders will be recognised for technology innovation projects, strategic partnering, and their approaches to sustainability and diversity. ​A jury of CIO experts, GlobalData analysts and business technology editors will recognise the pacesetters in the Technology Leaders Index, an NS Media Group initiative powered by GlobalData

You can read our full RESEARCH GUIDELINES HERE and if you wish to prepare your answers offline a PDF version of the survey is available HERE.

The deadline to respond and be part of the Technology Leaders Index is Friday 31 July and the pacesetters will be revealed in August.