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Timber Trades Journal Awards 2020

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"Welcome to the TTJ Awards 2020 voting! Every year the Awards gives the opportunity for customers of the UK timber trade to vote for their favourite supplier who has impressed them across a number of key areas such as customer service, product range & quality and deliveries. This is the biggest exercise of its kind annually in the industry so please use your vote and leave comments - it is very rewarding for companies and provides valuable feedback for the sector. Thanks!"
Stephen Powney, TTJ Editor

The 24th annual TTJ Awards will take place on 25th September 2020.

Companies can nominate their choice of Best in Class supplier across 8 voted categories. Voting is open to customers who buy timber products right down the supply chain from builders, specifiers, joinery firms, furniture producers, other wood product manufacturers, structural timber fabricators, merchants, DIY retailers and distributors.

You are eligible to vote for up to two companies per category. Nominations will be weighted according to position. You do not need to vote in every category, however, once you have submitted this entry, you will be unable to alter or add to your selections. You are also welcome to leave a brief comment as to why you have voted for the company.

For your vote to count you must supply a valid company name and professional email address. Voting opens on 5th May and closes on 10th July.

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