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Investment Monitor - Future of Tourism


The world is facing an unprecedented challenge in its response to the Covid-19 crisis. No industry has been left unchanged, but none has faced quite the challenge as that of the tourism sector. With border closures, flights grounded and quarantine measures introduced in the first half of 2020, how will locations rebound from this? What can countries and cities do to stand out from the crowd and attract tourists and investors alike? How do they see their tourism sector changing?

The following survey is designed to gather information on the current tourism landscape, as well as the initiatives and plans of locations to overcome the difficulties presented by the Covid-19 crisis. 

We are interested in hearing from all those organisations charged with tourism development. 

The survey will close 30th July and results will be published on Investment Monitor in September 2020. 

Survey Structure
1 - Your information
2 - The tourism sector in your country - Questions related to the size and importance of the sector in your country
3 - Case studies - Details of the initiatives you have planned to help the tourism sector recover

We advise that you prepare your answers in advance, you can download a PDF of the survey HERE

If you have questions please contact: [email protected]